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Hailing from Portugal and now residing in the UK, singer-songwriter Sofia Edevane writes from her most introspective moments. Her piano-centric songwriting circles around deeper themes that span the emotional spectrum; from love and longing to the joy of travel and going the emotional distance, Sofia’s music colours in the elements of life that make us human.


Growing up, Sofia’s parents enrolled her in piano lessons while they worked late hours, sowing the seeds early for her musical inclination. She joined a music conservatory as a teenager and pursued her studies at university, where she obtained a BA in Classical Music. Motivated by the desire to expand her horizons beyond the classical realm, Sofia moved to the UK, where she continued to hone her songwriting skills and concluded an MA in Music and Sonic Media.


As a solo artist, Sofia has released two singles and an EP. She has collaborated in multiple projects - from soul to electronic pop - and has performed at various high-end events, including at the esteemed Buckingham Palace. 

"Huge, glorious pop"

BBC Introducing

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